The Role of Translation Software in Translation Service Industry

Starting a global business could be easy but reaching out to your potential customers is equally difficult. Therefore in order to win your customers trust and business the best way to reach them is through their own language. Since no one can speak and have knowledge of all the languages in the world then these translation service industry provides us with translation software which helps in translating various languages to fulfill the needs of a common man.

The translation software development team specializes in developing and programming advanced solutions to help those who are engaged in the translation agency by saving their precious time, energy and money.

Some of the solutions that simplify the day to day work of a translator are accounting, marketing, word count, dictionary and various other means. Apart from these there are also available some of the featured products basically translation software used in the translation agencies. So just have a brief look on each of them.

1. CATCount- Computer Assisted Translation Tool for Easy word Count
This is very useful software as it eases the task of accounting of computer Assisted Translation jobs. It provides various features like printing and export of CAT Scheme as well as with the original word counts and resulting CAT count. This CATCount does the work of translating a complex CAT Scheme into a easy one, i.e. CATCount.

2. Clip Count- Clipboard Character Count and Word Count
For this you must select the text you would like to count and press CTRL+C and then press enter. You will get the result appearing in the bottom right corner of the screen. For this reason this software is ideal for fast text count in any file or program.

3. Any Count- Word and Character Count Software
With the help of this software, counting loads of the work of a translator is no more a tedious work. The reason of this is because the Any Count software provides with a fast result just with a single click and in no time it will give out the result of whatever it was asked for. For example the count of words, character with spaces, lines as well as custom units in various formats like DOC, XLS, HTML, ZIP etc.

4. Any Mem- user Friendly Translation Memory Software
This is a user friendly translation software since it is a compact, stable, easy to learn and use. Any Mem software supports the Unicode and is flexible while working with any language pair without the need of other external components.

5. Any Lexic- Terminology Management Software
This software has been designed for a convenient terminology database managing which is used for working with terminology, creating, editing and exchanging dictionaries in the simplest way as they are all stored in one database.

6. Acro Lexic- Abbreviations and Acronyms Dictionary
This is a dictionary which contains various abbreviations and acronyms available here. So looking into different dictionaries would be taking a long time so instead of this why not use Acro Lexic which is handy and easy to use.

7. Exact Spent- Time Tracking Software
Keeping the track of time for any translator is very important since he must know how much time he should take for every project or when to switch on to the other projects etc.

Translation jobs without the above tools and software is nearly to impossible. They help the translators in the to day work by decreasing their work load to a great extend. Neither a translator can do without translation software nor can translation software be useful without a translator.

Alcoholism – The Money Pit For Business And Industry

A true story is told of a man who had eighteen years of service with his employer, and yet was unable to take a vacation. The inability to qualify for a vacation was not due to a mean or avaricious employer, rather is was due to the fact that during the previous year, the employee had simply failed to put in enough days to earn a vacation. A minimum 101 days of service of service were required. Our man had put in only 100 days.

This is not an unusual story in industry. The kind of employee we are looking at seems to have the uncanny ability to convince his or her employer that there are legitimate reasons for being absent from the job. Since the behavior is tolerated, the absenteeism gradually increases. Finally, the supervisor is found in the position of having covered for the employee for so long that it has become a habit.

Supervisors may even become so exasperated that they no longer care. Excuses range from “it’s always the way we’ve done it,” to “my management does not want to get into a hassled with the union” to “that employee is not that much good when he is at work anyhow.”

Some employees like to game the system. This unfortunate attitude creates a situation that is a natural breeding ground for the addiction process. A manager that permits deviant behavior, high absenteeism and poor performance to prevail soon learns that the department is no more efficient than the poorest performer in the department. Sooner or later the supervisor will be forced to give this employee a choice. It is either the job or the alcohol and I will act accordingly.

Studies prove that alcoholism and drug addiction are costing business and industry millions of dollars in lost productivity, time off work, accidents, sick leave, union grievances, job performance to name a few. A well run employee assistance program managed by professional people in the field of addictions will return ten dollars for dollar invested in the program.

Revolutionary New Labor Force Providing Flexible And Cost-Effective Business Services

Over the past decade many companies, professionals, executives, individuals & organizations have a used a cost effective business solution known as the Virtual Assistant, to streamline their business. They have benefited from hiring their services, which can save you time and money in your business or projects. Many companies are seeking cost-effective support for their business in their “own backyard” instead of venturing overseas for outsourcing services or business support services.

By working with a Virtual Assistant, a business can save by: lowering overhead costs, eliminate federal obligations of an employee, you only pay for the services that you request, eliminate the cost of finding/training an employee, they can help you to reduce your work hours, help you to improve or reduce administrative tasks, provide assistance at half of the cost of employees. Some of them offer discounts on their services, you don’t have to have a business or employees to use their services or some of them can work along with your current staff.

They provide professional business services in a variety of areas: office / business management or support, business consulting, web design, secretarial services, tax processing, accounting, personal assistant, payroll, public relations, bookkeeping, computer services, real estate, typing services, research & analysis, marketing, project management, transcription services, business management, art dealer/ art design, web analytics, computer specialist, seo, data management, email management and many other specialized business services. All business services don’t have to be outsourced to them & they can assist with portions of your business needs or one time projects.

Their business experience & backgrounds in business are endless. They work via the Internet, phone, email, instant messenger, fax, courier services and postal mail. There are no geographic restrictions on some of their services; which can be offered worldwide & some of them offer one single service or multiple services. When a business is created and growing, administrative tasks can increase. This can equal to less time that a business has to generate new revenue or focus on other aspects of business. Wouldn’t it be great to have an assistant to call only when you need them? That’s what a Virtual Assistant can do. states “Those in the industry say it is on the rise because it is cost-effective. The employer does not pay for extra office space, furniture, equipment or software. There is no additional cost for training, pensions or work insurance.” A Virtual Assistant does not become a part of your company, they are self-employed business owners. Hiring one can cut back on employees wasting time at work. According to a survey from and America Online states “employees are wasting about twice as much time as their employers expect.” stated ” employers spend $759 billion on salaries for which real work was expected, but not actually performed.”

Outsourcing is better for the environment, reduces commuting back and forth to work, there is less worry about late employees, employees wasting time on the job and costing a company extra money. A Virtual Assistant is a professional who is 100% focused on your business needs and only bills for the hours worked and/ or tasks completed and they can be a good business solution for outsourcing and helping to cut back on additional business expenses.

While more businesses move their marketing and communications to the internet, Virtual Assistants become a more obvious choice for business or staffing problems. You can hire them faster than an employee and pick which hours, days or services that you need their assistance on. For less than the cost of temps or employees, you can take advantage of professional assistance with a variety of skills with the click of a mouse.

Finding one can be done in many ways: [] , (click Business, then click Virtual Assistant USA or UK), type into a search engine : Virtual Assistant or Virtual Assistant services,networks or associations. A sensible and practical solution to growth can be to increase your business manpower. So hire a Virtual Assistant, a creative new labor force that provides practical solutions & services for business, individuals, professionals, executives and job growth potential for outsourcers.

Relocation Service Industry – Tips To Choose The Right One For Your Job

The most difficult part of relocation is the actual moving process. Plenty of things need to be arranged, including packing your personal things, buying a new house and settling into your new, unfamiliar neighborhood. It may become a tough time-consuming job or sometimes a convenient, time-saving one. With the help of the organization called relocation service industry, chances are higher that it will be the latter.

This relocation service industry came into existence when more number of companies started relocating their employees to other divisions, cities and even countries. Originally, the firms would reimburse the workers for whatever amount they spent on relocation and moving assistance. But, this cost turned out to be expensive and things were not getting organized in the suggested manner. Then, service providers began hiring contractors who would work in the same firm – relocation service providers. All these companies situated in various areas contribute to the entire relocation service industry.

If an employee needs to relocate to a different city or nation, the employee takes complete responsibility of moving the employee along with his family. This can be accomplished using the relocation service industry. Use the yellow page index or the internet in order to locate a provider who will cover the place you are moving to. However, most services do similar jobs and you may need to do some study on the difference in services when deciding which company must be hired. This industry has a huge network, which offers relocation services covering many companies in separate places.

One of the vital things that will keep you preoccupied during relocation is leasing or selling you old house and finding another one in the new area you are moving to. But, the relocation service provider will handle that. They have contacts with several real estate companies, and in certain cases, they have one of their own. They put you home for sale. Certain relocation companies will purchase your home at an appraisal value, so that you will have enough funds to buy a new house in your relocated area. The company will sell the house later. The next step is to find a new home for you and your family in the area you have relocated to. In addition, they will manage all dealings connected to the purchase to avoid any traveling that the employee or his family would have to handle. They put in their best efforts to find you a home that is near all businesses and facilities that are frequently used, like, doctors, schools, churches and shopping malls.

Work like getting utilities repaired, household articles being moved and unpacked, leases and rental of cars etc, are effectively dealt with if you hire a reliable relocation service provider of the renowned relocation service industry.